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Politics and Religion?

God is using Executive Ministries and one man’s position of influence in parliament to bring change to Cameroon.

God's Call Moves Man Around Africa

Moving from ministry to ministry throughout Africa means Kamate Basolene is a man without a country, but always a man with a mission.

Passion in Cameroon

One man's journey with Jesus in Africa.

The Prison

Evangelist Ernest Shugu Vegah and his team’s outreach in a Cameroon prison led to freedom in Christ for about 600 prisoners after watching a short film about the forgiveness of Jesus.

How To Be Successful in Ministry: Lessons on What Works

The heritage of beginning on a campus ministry and sticking to the basics of win/build/send produces success for the mission in Cameroon.


Spotlight on spirituality and religion in Cameroon including demographics, spiritual climate, country map, photos and stories.

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