Passion in Cameroon

One man's journey in Africa. 

Amber Wiley
Pamoja Cameroon

Emmanuel Ngeh has a great passion—to help introduce others to Christ and disciple those already in Christ. “By God’s grace, I’ve worked with Cru ministry now for 18 years,” he says. “I started as a JESUS Film worker after graduating from college with a degree in engineering. Then I was the first campus director at the University of Buea in Cameroon.”

From 2001-2008, he was the JESUS Film coordinator for Cameroon. “I saw 26 local languages translated, including my mother tongue – a fulfilled dream!”

Since then, every year he takes a group of people to his village in the northwest of Cameroon.

“Our local language is Limbum. There are about 120,000 people spread all over in 3 main villages. This past September, I took a group to my home village, Fuyah. I talked to the church leaders and then went back in October to train 62 villagers in Cru materials. I watched two women in my village lead four other women to Christ using picture books that illustrate the gospel for people who are illiterate.”

One of Emmanuel’s greatest visions in Yaoundé is expanding the church. He planted one church with his wife, and two others, all using the JESUS Film. He partners with his pastor in Yaoundé, and came to the Pamoja conference with students he used to disciple and are now on staff with Cru in Cameroon.

Just before Pamoja, Emmanuel was in his village for 3 days to take the JESUS Film and sent out teams showing the films in their mother tongue. He also spent time mentoring Aminu, a man who gave his life to Christ. Aminu was excommunicated by his family and faces constant persecution; his life is at risk. They told him if he continued to follow Jesus they would consider him an outcast and be rejected, not considered a family member anymore. He responded, ‘I am in Christ. I’m a new person, I’ve given my life to Jesus, no matter what happens.”

Emmanuel knows that through people like Aminu, his pastor and the students at the Pamoja conference, his passion will spread to others.


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