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How Can a Mentor Help You?

Finding a mentor can help you grow in many areas of life. Mentors can offer wisdom and advice from life experiences you haven’t had yet. Learn more about how mentors can help you personally, professionally, and spiritually.

What Type of Spiritual Gifts Do You Have?

Take this quiz to find out what type of spiritual gifts you have!

Is the Bible Relevant to My Life?

Are you curious how the Bible, which was written for an ancient audience in an old world, could apply to you? Keep reading to discover how.

These Tools Can Transform How You See the Bible

Find out which study tools will help you better understand the Bible, including the one tool you can’t do without.

How to Be Successful in Studying the Bible

Does studying the Bible regularly seem unachievable? It doesn’t have to be. It’s easy to establish a personal Bible study plan that will help you succeed.

A Quick Lesson on How to Study the Bible

Have you ever wondered how to study the Bible but don’t know where to start? Discover how to explore the Bible, connect it with the present and apply it to your life.

How to Read the Bible in a Better Way

When I learned to read the Bible with this new focus, the sometimes-stagnant waters of my faith began to churn.

How Do You Really View God?

Everything about your life — your desires, motives, attitudes, words and actions — is influenced by your perception of God. What do you believe about Him?

Christmas is Over — What Happens Now?

Christmas is a great time for spiritual exploration. Because of its connection to Christianity, it makes sense to take time to think about God. Your spiritual journey doesn’t have to end when the decorations are packed up for the year. Here are some next steps for continuing your exploration of God.


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The Reality of Relationships When Adulting

“Becoming an adult is the process of moving out of a ‘one-up/one-down’ relationship and into a peer relationship to other adults.”

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