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Training Videos

Want to learn more about social media or want to grow in your skills? We want to help you. Check out our series of short videos to help you learn more about social media, grow in your skills and get tips from staff members with Cru.

Videos - Snapchat

Training videos on how to get started and use Snapchat for digital ministry.

One Minute Testimony Video

6 useful steps in creating an effective one minute testimony video

Jesus Film Outreach

Here are 4 steps on using the Jesus film for outreach on Facebook.

Falling Plates Outreach

Here are 4 steps on using the thought-provoking "Falling Plates" film for outreach on Facebook.

Before and After Video on Text

4 tips on sharing your before and after video through text messaging

Taking Legal Photos

Here are some tips to help you photographically capture what God is doing in your ministry for social media and general promotional materials.

Fulfilling the Great Commission

Use this 10-day campaign to inspire your audience to answer the call of the Great Commission.


A 2-week campaign exploring what it means to be forgiven.

Big Break Digital Marketing

In an effort to boost registration during specific weeks at Big Break, paid Facebook advertisements were utilized to target students at schools that would be attending. Here are the results.

Digital Resource Toolkit

You desire to continue to do ministry, but it may feel like a hard change from life together to life at a distance. For that, we’ve created a list of ideas and resources to help aid you as you learn to do your ministry from your home.

The Digital Download

We are the Global Digital Strategies Network, a team of missionaries who provide spiritual and strategic leadership in digital missions. Get monthly updates on our vision, progress toward our global goals, insights into themes we are digesting in DS, news and practical application of strategy.

Write Compelling Captions

People decide within seconds if they will engage with your social media posts. You must master writing compelling caption copy if you want to engage people with thumb-stopping content. So how do you do it?

Ministry from a Distance

The mission God has called us to hasn’t changed. Jesus Christ offers life and peace in a world consumed with fear and death. In this rapidly changing environment, we need to be able to pivot.

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