A Call to Challenge:


 Last June, Thailand held the annual CMD summit, inviting teams from all over Southeast Asia and gathering together for a five-day training to pioneer campuses through exploring, challenging, and coaching that will eventually yield multiplied lives. 

Cedie Namuag, a student leader and part of the Philippine team, was challenged with the prospect of living a life pleasing to Jesus in his limited capacity, bearing the greatest vision ever given to mankind. In obedience to God, Cedie realized that this challenge to serve the greatest Person who ever lived called him also to challenge others. In this five-day training, each delegate was assigned a campus wherein they were to do exploring (casting their one-minute vision to as many students as they can) and challenging those who showed interest to share Jesus and disciple others. 

Another student leader from the Philippines, Rica Handig, had a very colorful story. She, and her partner from Brunei, Esther, was assigned in UTCC, to do explore and challenge with their one minute vision casting line. After the first few days, the students saying “No” seemed to be an ongoing trend that would never end, but they persisted, knowing that in every rejection, the Lord is leading them closer to the right person. Then they encountered Paul, a student from UTCC, who, despite being in a hurry, said yes to the challenge in helping build movements in his university. Rica and Esther was able to meet up with him and another Christian, who was vision casted online, Wicha. Amazingly, God was able to sustain both ladies despite facing numerous rejections, knowing that God had plans for the people they have encountered. 

If you want to start building spiritual movements in a campus where you have no contacts, no knowledge about the area, and no influence, it takes a step of faith to approach people and trust that God, who is at work everywhere, will lead you to the right people whom He wants to be part of His kingdom building. God is sovereign and powerful, owning all areas, all universities, and each student, with their own roller coaster stories and convictions. 


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