Fisherman Turns Into Fisher of Men


On a dark moonless night Ptr. Eliezer stared at the waters as the waves gently slapped his small boat. Like any other fishermen in Siocon, Bogo, he hopes for a great catch of fish to make ends meet for his family. It is hard to imagine that this fisherman happens to be the pastor of Sambag Grace Driven Church (SGDC).

One cannot believe how he became a pastor of SGDC because before he came to know Christ, he was a staunch critic of his wife, Lolita. Lolita patiently shared to him the gospel but she was met with strong resistance. One day, he came home and found Lolita attending the regular bible study. He told her to stop and vend the fish he caught in the wet market. Through tears Lolita complied. However, it made him curious why his wife was very interested in attending bible studies. He picked up the bible and started reading it. That begun his journey into the Christian life.

He continued reading the bible and eventually attended the church. There, Pastor Revie , the senior pastor of GDC main who died of Covid, took the opportunity to share the gospel with him. In 2016, Pastor Revie challenged Pastor Eliezer to pastor SGDC. Since then, Pastor Eliezer has become a faithful, active servant of the Lord in Sambag. He shares Christ to as many people as he can. When he has bible studies to lead or follow-up sessions in the evenings, he skips fishing to perform his pastoral duties. Pastor Eliezer is not only a fisherman; he is literally a fisher of men!

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