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This year, Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ will be rebranding to Cru, and here are some things you should know:


Who is Cru?

We are a caring community passionate in connecting people to Jesus. We are committed to journey with people in knowing God personally and to equip them to journey with others as well. We envision to see spiritual movements everywhere, until everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus.


What are the reasons behind this rebranding move?

  • We want to connect with our audience better.

Our mission remains the same: to help fulfill His Great Commision. A new name and branding, Cru, positions us to better connect to a wider audience. We want everyone, everywhere, to have multiple chances to hear the good news and follow Jesus.

  • Cru represents all our ministries.

Over the years, the Lord has been faithful in growing our ministry from campuses, to workplace,  to churches, and even to the digital space. Cru represents all our existing ministries and even the future ministries God will entrust us with.


Is it Cru or Cru Philippines?

The new name of our ministry is just "Cru", not "Cru Philippines". However, in order to distinguish our local ministry and make us easily searchable, we have added the word "Philippines" in the names of our social media platforms. The name "Cru" is already being used by the platforms of our international ministry.


Why the tagline, "Let's journey together?


Our movement has always been committed to coming alongside people in their journey towards knowing Jesus and growing into His likeness. We meet them where they are and provide them with a community for accountability, encouragement, and transformation. But we don't stop there. As a movement, we journey with them towards one singular mission: helping fulfill the Great Commission. This is what "Let's journey together" is about -- us journeying with them through life-to-life discipleship and at the same time, rallying them to build spiritual movements as Christ-centered multiplying disciples.


What does this rebranding entail?

Our ministry's rebranding means our national ministry will be called Cru. Our training materials, collaterals, and social media platforms will be using the Cru logo. It should be noted, however, that this will all undergo proper transition and will not happen all at once. It should also be noted that we are still using the name Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ in all our legal documents.


Will Cru stop preaching Jesus Christ?


No. To bring the Gospel to every person and disciple them to do the same has always been central to the mission of Cru. Just as Cru US continued its commitment to preach Jesus Christ after their name change, we, too, will keep this commitment for the furtherance of the Gospel of Christ.


Should you still support a Cru Staff amid this rebranding?

We would like to assure our partners in the ministry that our mission did not change. To win, build, and send Christ-centered multiplying disciples who will launch spiritual movements will always be at the heart of everything we do. 

When Cru International was renamed to Cru in 2011, John Piper wrote an article about whether or not ministry partners should continue supporting a Cru staff. You may read his sentiments here: https://bit.ly/desiringgodarticle.


For rebranding inquiries/concerns, you may contact cru.brand@ccc.org.ph.


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