Discipleship in the New Normal


The crisis brought about by the pandemic came without notice and it brought changes right before our very eyes. We used to meet face to face, use a Four Spiritual Laws booklet when sharing the Gospel, and gather in groups for fellowship. But now, it’s all screen and gadgets.


It is true that this pandemic has caused us to suffer in so many ways. It changed the way we do things. Nevertheless, our calling remains and the greater truth is: God is with us, He is for us, and He did not stop working in our lives.


Abigail is one of the faithful disciples in Silliman University for 4 years. After passing the board examinations, she was filled with dreams for the future and was excited to practice her profession. When Covid came, it seemed that her dreams will be locked down too (at least for a moment). We asked her what could be a positive thing she can do in the midst of the crisis?


She readily responded to lead her whole family in nightly devotion. Abi shared that the first few meetings were a bit awkward for the members of the family. But then later, an amazing thing happened: they became used to it! And then the family devotions became part of their new normal.


Abi’s story is just one of the many stories of changed lives in the middle of suffering. A fitting testimony of God’s faithfulness to His children.

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