We lead from our values so that people live out a passionate walk with God, grow and develop, and bear lasting fruit.

Love for God

We seek to passionately pursue God and demonstrate our complete dependence on Him for results and accomplishments as manifested through believing prayer and the study of His Word. We are committed to live our lives under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Love for the Lost

We are committed to genuinely love the lost as seen in our passion to lead them to Christ and minister to them holistically.

Commitment to One Another

We serve together in a community characterized by love, grace & unity. We are committed to the development of character, skills and leadership.

Ministry Fruitfulness

We are committed to building spiritual movements everywhere through life-changing discipleship. We are intentional in the development of godly multiplying leaders who truly follow Jesus, able to articulate and demonstrate movement-building principles in their lifetime.

Faithful Stewardship

We are committed to be faithful stewards of opportunities, time, talent, treasure, manpower, and other resources.


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