Passing the Time Away

Passing the Time Away

by Jessica Ordona


God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never fully understand His wisdom, but we simply have to trust His will. 

When pandemic struck in March 2020, I suffered emotional, mental and spiritual breakdown. I was extremely concerned about my safety, and I was away from my family. 

I overworked myself to get out of depression. I turned to messaging apps and social media to pass the time, hoping the next day would free me from the prison of rhetorical questions and depressing thoughts.

Then one day a friend from college invited me to an online gathering with Cru Southern Tagalog. There I realized that God is sovereign and that He has given me time as a precious commodity I can use to get to know Him more and develop a deeper relationship with Him.

Now back with my family in Pangasinan, I still meet with my Cru Southern Tagalog family which is discipling me and my other college friends. 

I also have my own discipleship group which started with one student from Batangas to whom I shared the gospel through the #journeytogether campaign. The group gradually grew when that student reached out to her friends from school and invited them to join.

One of my friends from college is also actively involved in our group. She has started a discipleship group in her church and shared the #journeytogether campaign with her pastor. They have already given away face masks and shared the gospel through “The Four Symbols” in their barangay with a plan to do the same with another barangay. 

Being home has enabled me to start sharing the gospel with my family and neighbors. Through our group, we have also started connecting with former professors in college through online evangelism opportunities in the hope to spark a spiritual movement in our campus.

I am still into messaging apps and social media and maybe a bit overworked at times, but this time for God and His great commission.  Nothing else can be more worthwhile.

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