Multiplication starts with one

Multiply Story Doc Alden and his disciples


On 2017, several staff at Campus Crusade for Christ did exploring in Centro Escolar University (CEU), located in Mendiola, Manila. They decoded and casted vision to find like-hearted people who wants to start building a movement in the university. Though the return of students were few, a dentistry professor was referred as a potential Christian who might be interested. His name was Doc Alden Aguilar, and he’s the current Dean of Endodontics in CEU. 

Our staff presented to him what we do and found that we share the same vision. Sharing the need that those attending the Bible study has to experience and be trained so they can make disciples and send others do the same, some disciples were trained in evangelism as Doc Alden is continually being coached to handle Bible studies in such a way that disciples are being trained and sent. 

It was amazing to see God at work in the university, using one influential professor to reach a great number of students. Doc Alden believed that it is not enough being just a professor, until his students are being pointed to Jesus. Amidst the busy schedule of a dentistry student, Doc Alden along with his students are trusting the Lord for more people to be ushered in His Kingdom, by using up their free time to do evangelism and discipleship. In exploring, we are trusting God to open doors for us to meet people whom God has prepared to do His work in an area. Doc Alden’s story is one of them, and perhaps there are many more, we just need to go and look for them! 


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