Exploring Uncharted Territory

Rose Jane, CCC staff, was assigned at Technological Institute of the Philippines (TIP) in Mendiola, Manila, one of her field practices as a new staff trainee. Originally hailing from Cebu, she struggled for several weeks learning the ways of the students, often exploring and decoding the area to get key contacts who has a desire to build movements in their campus. She met Bless, an architecture student, after randomly sharing her one-minute vision casting inside the campus. He identified with Rose’s vision, and was introduced to the Four Spiritual Laws immediately. 

Bless then referred Ms. Meibel, a volunteer from Victory church who used to work in TIP as a librarian. Ms. Meibel then gave a professor’s contact to Rose, named Jenny. Although Ms. Jenny was not a Christian, Rose shared the gospel to her and Ms. Jenny agreed to let Rose do classroom evangelism in her Saturday class. Rose is meeting Ms. Jenny for follow ups, and eventually became a person of peace to enable Rose to get inside TIP. 

Through one encounter with a student, the gospel was shared to 32 students, out of whom 4 showed interest to grow in their faith and to be trained to share Jesus to others. Another opportunity was with Chynna and Sarah, two students from Seeds of the Nation Organization, to whom Rose shared her vision again. The two referred their president, Miggy, who also expressed the same vision for his campus. God is at work in TIP, and in every campus—students are responding to the same vision of reaching their area for Christ. In the act of exploring through sharing your one-minute vision even on random people, you might be surprised to see God at work in the most unlikely people. 

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