Digital Strategies


  • One month of meaningful immersion of DS Team members to different local teams, this has helped us to greatly appreciate and understand other teams and the context of their ministry. 

  • Opportunity to minister and share God-stories as well as strategies last Call2All breakout session

  • Disciples, partners and volunteers who confirmed to join the team’s OJ in Occidental Mindoro.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for our team as we continue to seek God and be sensitive to His leading regarding our team's plans and budget for the next ministry year.

  • Please pray for Indigitous Philippines community especially as we continue to empower Christians in ministering to people in the digital field.

  • Please pray for good health for each of our members in the team as well as their families.

Indigitous Women

Please pray for the following concerns as we prepare to restart and plan our online meetup:

  1. for wisdom, clarity, and discernment especially for our first time volunteers.

  2. for volunteers who can help with communication both internal and external

  3. for women who will be part of our prayer group and help facilitate prayer time 

Indigitous PH

  1. Please pray for provision.

    • For God to raise the right ministry partners who will help support the movement financially

  2. Please pray for God's direction as we create more structure that fits the vision of not just activating but in creating disciples as well.

  3. Preparation of volunteer onboarding

    • Preparing JDs

    • Preparing onboarding requirements to help volunteers understand better the vision 

OJ Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro

Please pray for the following concerns as the team prepares for OJ this March

  1. Wisdom for our team to be able to maximize each of our gifts, talents, and skills to help the local church in Calintaan, Occidental Mindoro

  2. Creativity for our media contents and campaigns in preparation for OJ

  3. Fruitful and meaningful collaboration with some local teams in different projects/initiatives we have this month.

Other Projects and Initiatives

Please pray as we continue to collaborate with some local teams for different projects and initiatives we have this March

  1. For wisdom as we engage with each of them

  2. For God’s direction on how the collaboration to progress

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