Headquarters Internship

Use your major at the world headquarters of Cru

God could use one year of your life to impact the entire world for eternity.

Not sure if full-time operations ministry is for you? Why not try it out for a year? Just like on campus and regional teams, you could participate in a one-year internship through our Year One at Lake Hart program.

The Year One at Lake Hart internship program with Cru is a fresh new opportunity for you to pursue your passions within ministry at our world headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

This one-year program places recent college graduates into operational positions depending on areas of study, skills, and specific gifts.

Through these vital roles, you will contribute to advancing the strategic and operational capabilities of our ministry and be a part of reaching people with the gospel on a global scale.

With a chance to use your vocational skills and spiritual gifts, you will be sharpened both professionally and spiritually.

While time in the office and working in operations is a large portion of the program, interns are also given exciting opportunities in field ministry one day each week.

Each intern is discipled by a “coach” who offers teaching, insight, and accountability. One of the core values of the Year One internship is personal growth.

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