Cru offers a variety of ways of working with us, all focused on sharing the good news of Jesus and helping build spiritual movements of evangelism and Christ-centered discipleship on campuses and among groups of people all over the globe. We are excited that God may be calling you to work with us!

Missionary Staff

Learn about joining as a missionary staff member of Cru.

Part Time Staff

Working part time with Cru enables students and graduates who are committed to seeing Christ use them in mission together with our full time staff and interns.

World Headquarters

Opportunities to work at Cru's world headquarters, including jobs, internships and volunteer positions.

Hourly & Salaried Positions

Hourly and salaried positions at our World Headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Staff Profiles

Profiles of Cru staff members from around the globe, featuring intriguing answers to questions we posed

Thinking about a Mid-Career Change?

Are you considering a job change? Come work with Cru.

Thank you for exploring more about what it means to join our team. We are praying for you.

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