My Story: How My Life Changed

How God Rescued Me and Gave Me Peace

Amy Haake recounts God’s rescuing work in her life.

Amy Haake with Rita Wright
My Story: Amy Haake

When I began college, my heart was hurting. I felt trapped in a dark place, deep within a hole. An abusive relationship had led me to depression and anxiety. I felt empty.

I attempted to fill this emptiness with relationships and church. But I couldn’t find the answers I needed.

Life was rough, and I was stuck in the pain of my past. It was during this time that a friend invited me to come to her “life group” — a small gathering of friends who studied the Bible together. The group asked for prayer requests. I spoke up, asking for peace and acceptance of my circumstances. As they prayed, a feeling of calm came over me. That caught my attention.

For the next year, I continued to go to life group.

Then I attended a faith-based retreat called Women’s Weekend. For 48 hours, I was with a caring community of women. I saw how their faith made them different — in a good way — and I realized that’s what I wanted to be like. While on this retreat, I learned more about who God is and how to have a relationship with Him. I placed my trust in Christ at the end of that weekend.

There is a verse in the Bible that perfectly describes where I was and where I am now: “[God] brought me forth into a broad place; He rescued me, because He delighted in me” (2 Samuel 22:20, New American Standard Bible). God rescued me from a place that I thought I could not escape – and I haven’t been to that place since.

Two years ago, the idea of trusting God and allowing Him to take care of me was not something I would have thought possible. But through my friends and faith community, I have learned more of who God is.

I now know how to have a relationship with God even during rough times.

The love I always needed is from God. He delights in me, and He has brought me into a new place.

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