Beginning a New Life

Dr. Bill Bright

If you have the privilege of leading someone to Christ, you should try to have a significant part in their early growth.

There are six simple keys to follow-up that will help you build a committed disciple:

Key 1: Pray for those whom you are seeking to disciple. Keep you prayer journal handy as specific needs or answers to pray may arise.

Key 2: Encourage each disciple to make Christ the Lord of his or her life. Try not to let them push Jesus off His new-found throne!

Key 3: Teach them how to walk in the control and power of the Holy Spirit. If possible, go through the "How to be Filled with the Spirit" web page with them.

Key 4: Teach the importance of God's Word.

Key 5: Stress the importance of Christian fellowship – especially through a local church. Offer to walk or ride with them to your own church, or get them in contact with one in their area.

Key 6: Help your disciples learn how to share their new-found faith.

Christ's mission while He was here on earth was to seek and to save the lost. When we are filled, controlled, and empowered with His Spirit, the Lord will fulfill His promise to make us fruitful witnesses.


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