Welcome to the Desire Series

By Heidi Smith, Leela Zander & Jessica Harris

Do you feel stuck? You're not alone.

If you struggle with sexual desires that feel like they’re taking over your life — you’re in the right place.

If you’re carrying secrets that you think don’t belong in the life of a normal woman, especially a Christian — you’re in the right place.

We were there too until we heard the stories of people like us, and slowly felt safe enough to tell our own.

We want to be part of your journey.

Heidi, Leela & Jessica

P.S. — If you've landed on this page and you're a man, think about going to our Flesh series for men.


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The Desire Series

An Introduction

Join three women as they share experiences of struggling to live according to God’s plan for their sexual desires.

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How Could You Love Me if You Really Knew Me?

Sexually addictive behavior can often be an attempt to avoid intimacy rather than find it.

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How to Enjoy Sex the Way God Designed

Only when we understand God’s picture of healthy sexuality can we hope to experience healthy desire.

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Pornography and Masturbation Are Not Safe Sex

If I’m not technically having sex, where is the risk in enjoying my fantasies?

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What Do I Do With My Craving for Sex?

How can you experience intimacy with someone you care about if you’re not having sex?

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Do I Really Need to Tell Somebody?

Is confession an outdated religious concept, or essential for living authentically?

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Who's the Last Person You Want to Forgive?

Forgiving the people who’ve hurt you is hard, but what if it's harder to forgive yourself?

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What is Triggering Your Sexual Desires?

You want to get your unmanageable sexual desires under control, but do you understand what's causing them?

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How Far is Too Far When You're Dating?

Do you want healthy sexual intimacy to be part of your future? Then you have to make vital decisions today.

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No One Can Fight Your Battles For You, But They Can Stand With You

Do you have someone to run alongside as you pursue healthy sexuality?

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