Advent Devotionals

Advent Daily Devotional - God’s Perfect Timing

Day 8

Matthew Garway Jr.

Day 8 – Sunday, December 10


Key Verse: “Therefore Jesus told them, ‘My time is not yet here; for you anytime will do.’” — John 7:6, New International Version

Today’s Reading: John 7

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In the early verses of John 7, we learn that the Jewish leaders wanted to kill Jesus. Jesus’ death is outlined in Bible prophecies, which say that the Son of Man will come and die for us. So the plot of these Jewish leaders was an opportunity for the Word of God to be fulfilled.

But why is time attached? Why couldn’t His death happen in that moment? After all, isn’t that why Jesus came? 

Jesus’ brothers even encouraged him to attend the festival in Judea where the Jewish leaders were. But Jesus responds to them, “My time is not yet here.”

Jesus was not following man’s timeline. Instead, He was following His Father’s perfect plan.

One day, my mother instructed me to give my Aunty some money. She told me, “Give it to her on her birthday.” Two days before my aunt’s birthday, during our family Bible study, she gave her prayer request. She said, “I am trusting God for money.” Based on the instruction I had from my mother, my Aunty’s request was already answered by God. But she would receive the money on a specific day, not the day she asked for it.

Are you or someone you know waiting on God right now? How are you doing in the meantime?

In those dark moments of waiting and praying for answers, we can experience great hope that there is a light within our darkness. If you have put your trust in Jesus, you can be confident that God is present with you in your waiting. The Bible tells us that we can wait patiently on God because of who God is. The psalms are an excellent example of this. Remember, even in Christ’s own life, things happened in the Father’s timing.

Will you wait for a time like Jesus waited for a time for His death? Though there were many opportunities for Him to be killed to bring salvation to the world, He waited.

Your dark moments may tempt you to find answers outside of God’s plan, but God’s timing is worth waiting for. 



Do you sometimes believe as a child of God that all God’s promises for you must come to pass now? Do you sometimes ask, “Why is God delaying?” 


Dear Jesus, as You waited patiently for Your death, help me to be patient with my desires and plans. Help me to accept there is time for everything, that You are in control, and that You know what is best for me. May my desires not push me to go against Your will as I await Your timing.

A Deeper Dive

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Matthew Garway Jr. serves as a missionary among university students in his home country Liberia with the Great Commission Movement (as Cru is known there) of Liberia. His passion is to raise the next generation of Liberian leaders with true Christian values. He’s married to Rose Mulbah-Garway, and they have a son Elpozuo (Thank God!).

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