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The Savior is Here: Advent Study Download

Beginning four Sundays before Christmas we focus on advent, a season of reflection and longing for the coming King. Join us in celebrating the coming Savior with this easy-to-follow advent series.

Take the Quiz: How Much Holiday Spirit Do You Have?

Find out how you really feel about Christmas!

Quiz: How Much Holiday Spirit Do You Have?

Take our quiz to find out how you really feel about Christmas!

Gift Guide: What Gifts Can You Give That Make a Difference?

Looking for gifts that give back? Check out this gift guide!

Christmas is Over — What Happens Now?

Christmas is a great time for spiritual exploration. Because of its connection to Christianity, it makes sense to take time to think about God. Your spiritual journey doesn’t have to end when the decorations are packed up for the year. Here are some next steps for continuing your exploration of God.

How to Not Waste Your Winter Break

Have you ever reached the end of Christmas break and wondered where it went? Christmas is over, and you’re exhausted and still not ready to go back to class? Try these simple tricks to get the most out of your winter break this year.

God to The Rescue: Christmas Is Just the Beginning

What is Christmas really about, and why do Christians care so much? How does it fit into the story of the Bible?

What Are We Being Rescued From?

Did Christ come to rescue us from a messy world full of injustice, fear and political unrest or was it something else?

Quizzes & Assessments

Have some fun taking various quizzes and assessments to learn about yourself and others.

6 Expectations That Will Ruin Your Holiday This Year

We all have holiday expectations, but we’re not always aware of what they are. Find out what yours are and what to do with them.

4 Things That Will Stop You From Going Broke Over the Holidays

Don’t let your holiday spending get out of control. These four tips will help you rein in your spending and let you focus on making your Christmas more meaningful.

6 Tips for Starting Holiday Traditions of Your Own

Do you want to establish your own traditions with your family and friends this holiday season? Here are six ways to help you do just that.

What’s in a Name: The Powerful Names of Jesus

Taking time to meditate on the many names of Jesus can enrich your worship.

History Starts and Ends With Jesus

Jesus, our Alpha and Omega, existed before Creation and will return to rule forever. He is the consistency for which our hearts long.

God With Us

Contemplating Jesus’s name Immanuel, which means “God with us,” gives me a reason to hope amid a world beaten down and burdened.

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