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Advent Daily Devotional - Your Wait Is Over!

After years of waiting for the Messiah to come, God fulfilled His promise, and it was “good news that will cause great joy for all the people.” You are part of “all the people.”

Advent Daily Devotional - Misunderstood No More

Throughout Luke’s gospel, Jesus consistently responds to misunderstood or marginalized people with tenderness and compassion.

Advent Daily Devotional - Identity Crisis Averted

Christmas reminds us that Christ the Messiah has come! By turning from sin and receiving Him, you too can experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which Christ gives.

Advent Daily Devotional - What Do You Desire?

What keeps you from desiring and pursuing Jesus? As you make your way through the Gospel of Luke this December, may your desire for Christ grow.

Advent Daily Devotional - Not What It Seems!

Entering Jesus’ kingdom means letting go of your preconceived ideas of becoming good enough to become part of God’s family.

Advent Daily Devotional - Justice and Forgiveness: Get What You Feel You Deserve

What do you feel you deserve from God? Turn your struggles over to God and thank Him that He offers forgiveness that you do not deserve.

Advent Daily Devotional - Shoes Tied, the Father Awaits

Whether you have ignored your responsibility or have actively run away from God, Jesus’ message is clear: “You can come back home!”

Advent Daily Devotional - Jesus Shows You How to Wait Well

When you grow weary in your waiting, you can turn to Scripture for confidence in God’s purposes.

Advent Daily Devotional - Jesus Never Leaves You

Jesus has not left your side. He is neither surprised by the storms you encounter nor put off by the questions your suffering has brought to the surface.

Advent Daily Devotional - Jesus Loves the Real You

As you prepare for Christmas, remember that Jesus loves you just the way you are. He’s not asking you to clean up your act.

Advent Daily Devotional - You Can Experience the Crazy Generosity of God

In Luke 21, Jesus gazes in wonder at a widow who empties her pockets with a faith that reflects who He is: One who emptied Himself for rich and poor alike.

Advent Daily Devotional - Wonderful, Angry December

I was so busy being angry about my Christmas tree, I was missing the real joy of Christmas - when Jesus left His glorious heavenly home to be born in a manger.

Advent Daily Devotional - Your Seat of Honor Waits

Jesus called His disciples to live out and enjoy the benefits of His “upside-down” kingdom. And He calls you today to do the same.

Advent Daily Devotional - Repentance Is Necessary, Not Optional

Your motivation to repent is bound up in your relationship with Jesus. The sooner you choose to repent, the sooner Jesus will free you from guilt and shame.

Advent Daily Devotional - He Gives Just What You Need

In those moments when the world feels like it has stopped spinning, you can look to God, and He will see you and lovingly give you just what you need.

Advent Daily Devotional - Catch a Glimpse of the Reward

In John 20:29, Jesus promised that those who have not seen Him and yet believe will be blessed. Can you safely say that He is worth your life?

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