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You’re Not Alone in the Dark

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve experienced dark moments when you’ve felt alone. When the power of death felt present in your life. When you’ve been without. Easter Saturday, and the words of Isaiah, remind us that Jesus, too, experienced what we do.

Betrayed, Arrested, Denied — Jesus’ Response

Jesus not only endured abandonment and denial from some of His closest followers, but faced both emotional and physical torment while bearing the weight of God’s justice. Jesus intervened for you on the cross.

A Withered Fig Tree and the Plot to Kill Jesus

As the religious leaders plotted to kill Him, Jesus gave a warning still relevant to us today.

Holy Week

Are you exhausted? Do you sense that the world isn’t as God created it to be? Is it hard for you to find your sense of purpose and belonging after so much has changed? If you’re tired from transitions, big or small, or if you’re in need of refreshment, this is an invitation to you.

Rest Assured

Going, giving, doing, saying… all of that can add up to a way of being. Or it can feel like our relationship with God is dependent on being good at those things. But 1John 5:11-13 tells another story.

What’s in a Name: The Powerful Names of Jesus

Taking time to meditate on the many names of Jesus can enrich your worship.

How to Pray Through Spiritual Warfare

For Christians facing spiritual warfare, prayer can change the way you experience these moments and get through them.

Is Jesus Worth It?

If you have ever honestly wrestled with your faith in God, then the following thoughts are for you.

Just Once

God's love for us doesn't quit just because we are sinners.

Our New Relationship With God

When you made that decision and invited Jesus into your life, it is important to know, did God hear you? Yes. Jesus promised that He would enter our lives, if we ask Him.

Finding Jesus Through Short Films

To spark spiritual conversations and hopefully give students the chance to hear about Jesus, the team decided to host a short film night.

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