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What Is Discipleship and How Does It Happen?

You may have heard of discipleship, but what does a disciple relationship actually look like? Learn what discipleship is and how it can be a part of your spiritual growth.


Since this is a brand new resource, we need a team of people who will use Collaborative Discipleship and give us their valuable feedback and ideas.

If You Want to Make Disciples, Simplify Your Playbook

A ministry to athletes in Minnesota saw spectators become leaders, thanks to the playbook they learned from Jesus.

How a Chain of Eight Disciples Grew in 30 Years

God has an intentional plan for your life. If you choose to follow Christ and walk with him as a committed disciple, you may end up influencing the lives of many.

Mentoring: To Learn Twice

As Marilyn Jarrett teaches others, she gains a deeper understanding about discipleship.

Love Is the Muse That Captured His Heart

The incomparable love of God that etched itself on this young Asian writer’s heart now powers his ambitious pen.

One Man's Faith Now Guides His Life

A journalist for a major newspaper, Wong had experienced disappointments, but eventually encountered God. Wong and his entire family now follow God.

Why LeaderImpact?

Leaders make things happen. Leaders who are fully devoted followers of Christ have a special call.

Who Is Involved With LeaderImpact?

The LeaderImpact strategy starts with mission-focused communities.

What Do I Do Next?

These reasons for involvement, given by LeaderImpact members, will help you understand how you can make a significant contribution to this movement.

In-Depth Resources

Since Collaborative Discipleship covers a wide range of topics, we’ve created a list of resources which can be used to help disciples go deeper into selected topics.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are the things we do to put our faith into action—spiritual disciplines, faith building events, ministry to others and much more.

How to Confess & Breathe Spiritually

Spiritual breathing, which allows God’s unimpeded influence on our lives, involves confession and surrender.

God’s Character

The most important truths for a Christian to internalize are an accurate view of the character and nature of God.

Money: Greed and Giving

Greed is more that just a desire to have more things. It is worshiping something besides the true God.

The Bible 101

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and describes God’s interaction with humanity, the life and teachings of Jesus and the basis of the Christian faith. It is important for believers in Christ to understand the inspiration, trustworthiness and importance of the Bible.

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