Using Social Media for Ministry

How to Use Social Media Stories for Ministry

Summer Koering

Did you just see that? Was it a bird, a plane or did the sky just open up? What about aliens!? OK, I see, it’s a rocketship that just launched. Makes sense. Man, what a sight to see.

Pretty good story, right?

Stories are a part of everyone’s life.

Stories are how people have expressed themselves for thousands of years and they were at the center of Jesus’ ministry.

“God has let you in on the inside story regarding the workings of the Kingdom—the hidden meanings. But the crowds—I teach them in parables as the prophet Isaiah predicted, 'So that when they look, they see and yet do not understand. When they hear, they listen and yet do not comprehend. Otherwise, they might really turn and be forgiven'” (Mark 4:11-12, VOICE).

Jesus was and still is one of the greatest storytellers of all time.

The parables He told were stories that helped people understand who He was and why He came.

Storytelling isn’t limited to talk at the dinner table with loved ones or during coffee with friends. You can now tell stories to everyone who is connected to you through social media.

Using the Story Features on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook you can tell your stories — as well as the story of Jesus — digitally!

So how does that work with ministry? Here are seven tips.

  1. Start off simple. Post a verse that resonates with you, or one you have talked about lately.


  2. Ask if there are any prayer requests. People feel comforted when they know they are being prayed for.

  3. Use the video or live features to tell your testimony. How has God worked in your life? Where have you seen Him lately? It’s okay to be afraid. Being vulnerable online with your faith causes you to need to lean into God and trust Him. And that’s a good thing.
  4. Be transparent(ish). Share where you are in life, how others can pray for you, and how God is growing and teaching you.
  5. Share tools that you’ve used to talk about the gospel, like the How to Know God Personally tool.

  6. Get creative. Use lettering, paint and graphic design, and post those to your story.
  7. Finally, let people know they can ask you questions about what you’ve posted on your story.

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