The Source of Righteousness

Bill Bright

“The LORD is righteous in everything He does” (Psalm 145:17).

God is a righteous judge. All righteousness within the entire universe has its origin in Him.

Everything God does is perfectly right in every way. For God, righteousness is not an external standard that He must adhere to; righteousness is part of His very nature. It emanates from His inner being. If God were not inherently holy and just, He could not act righteously. As a result, whatever God wills is perfectly right. It is impossible for God to do anything wrong.

As a judge, He has never made a wrong determination. He has never had to reverse a decision when He learned more facts. No one can question His judgment in all His actions.

When you walk into a courtroom and face the judge, you may wonder, "Who gave this judge the power to decide between right and wrong? Who gave the judge the moral and legal authority to pronounce what is righteous behavior and what is grievous misbehavior deserving punishment?" Furthermore, these judges are subject to human passions and can misuse their authority.

But we are not talking about an appointed judge, prone to weaknesses. An infinite and powerful God does not need anyone to elect or appoint Him, to give Him righteousness. He was righteous before the beginning of time and always will be.

God is the standard by which every evaluation of righteousness must be compared.

Your View of God Really Matters ...

If God really is the source of all righteousness, what do you have to do to be righteous enough to please God? Apart from taking God at His word, is there any other way to be righteous enough to satisfy God? (Read Romans 4:3-6 if you need help with this question.)

Because God is righteous,
I will live by His standards.

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