God's Judicial Authority

Bill Bright

“I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28:18).

A judge, above all else, must have authority. Our government endows judges with authority through the oath they take to execute justice. The law enforcement and prison systems back up the judge's authority. The robe that he wears, and having everyone in the courtroom stand as he enters help to emphasize that authority. His gavel and his elevated seat in the courtroom show that he commands the proceedings.

Similarly, God, as the Creator, has the authority to do whatever He deems best with His creation. He is the potter; we are the clay. His throne is high above us in the heavens. His pronouncements are final. There is no higher authority than God.

God will judge every wrong act ever committed, every sinful motive, every evil word. The sentence for these crimes is eternal separation from God and His holiness.

But there are those who will live in safety with God. These are the ones who have accepted Christ's payment for our sin when He died on the cross. Our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, paid the sentence pronounced by the Perfect Judge. God sees these "sinners saved by grace" as righteous in His courtroom. Therefore, they will live eternally in the love, peace, and joy of God's presence.

Your View of God Really Matters …

Are you ready to stand before the Perfect Judge who has all authority? Remember, God's standard of justice is perfection. Will He see your shortcomings, or will He see Jesus' perfect sacrifice? It's your choice.

Because God is just,
He will always treat me fairly. 

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