Thirsty Small Group Devotional


Thirsty Devotional


Q: What is one aspect (characteristic/tradition) of your family you enjoy? Why?

Q: What is one aspect (characteristic/tradition) of your family you wish were not true? Why?

READ: “King of Aboh” ABC News excerpt: Marty Johnson knew he was the product of two young college students who had a brief affair. Neither parent was prepared to deal with raising a child, so Johnson was given up for adoption and grew up in Minnesota. Years later, as an adult, he started digging through past records and got in contact with his birth- mother. Then a letter arrived one day that said, “Welcome to the Ogike dynasty! You come from a noble and prestigious family.” The letter went on to explain that Johnson was the next in line to inherit the position of village chief from his biological father, John Ogike, the current chief of Aboh village in Nigeria.

Q: If you were in Marty’s position, what questions might you be asking?
(What is the Aboh villiage like?—rich or poor, healthy or disease ridden, peaceable or rife with conflict? Do they just want something from me, or desire something for me?)

Q: If the Okige was in fact a dynasty and the position of chief was a desirable position, how do you think it would affect the direction of Marty’s life?

Question moving toward the FCF: If there were an incredible guaranteed inheritance that awaited you, how do you think it would affect your life right now?

FCF: We often live out of the influence of our earthly family line instead of the influence of our heavenly one.


READ: Ephesians 1:1-14

Q: What do you observe from the text that is most striking to you? Why?

Q: Take a moment to circle all of the action verbs (has blessed, chose, predestined, lavished, etc.), who is the doer of those actions (God) and who is the recipient of those actions (us)?

Q: Looking in on how this Father treats those he adopts, how would you describe His family?
Let’s press this further...

READ: 2nd Section under “Downpayment” begins...“Ephesians 1:14 states that the Holy Spirit...”

Q: What did you write down for these words? (Write down a summary of the responses for each member to see.)

(See attachment)


Q: Which do you find most meaningful?
Q: How are any of these truths currently changing how you think, believe, and act?
Q: Which do you find most difficult to believe?
Q: What is holding you back from believing them?
Q: Why do you think God wants us to know that we can never lose our relationship with him? Q: Why isn’t he concerned that this will give us the freedom to sin more?

READ: Section under “Sealed” begins...”In Ephesians 1:13, Paul writes...”

Q: What one word would you use to describe each of the images on the page?
Q: What implications did you write out regarding what it means to be sealed by the Holy Spirit?

Christ Solution

“The most privileged of all family heritages throughout all existence is ours through our incorporation into God’s family as his sons and daughters by his grace and blood.”

READ: Section under “Adoption” begins...”The Apostle John describes...” Read through the entire section including the certificate of adoption.

Q: How is adoption into God’s family greater than the Ogike dynasty & being chief of the Aboh village? Q: In what ways is being apart of God’s family different from being a part of your current family?
Q: In what ways is being apart of God’s family similar to being a part of your current family?

READ: Ephesians 1:1-14 again out loud, this time whenever it says ‘us’ or ‘we’ change it to ‘I’ or ‘me’.

Q: How does it make you feel to know your life is sealed by the Spirit into the family of God?
Q: How can the knowledge of your guaranteed heavenly inheritance affect the way you live today? Q: What one or two areas of your life might look different if you lived out of your heavenly family position as a Son/Daughter of God?

Offer a prayer of Praise to God for his gracious acts toward his children...

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