How I saw God at work

“I decided I needed to give up my plans and instead follow God's leading. It was a scary but exciting decision.”

Becca's Story

“Faith is an action word.”

Olivia's Story

“I began to psych myself out and considered, yet again, not going.”

Tim's Story

“At that moment I realized that my faith was my own.”

Evan's Story

“I’ve never shared the gospel in Spanish before, so I feared not doing it justice.”

Alexandra's Story

“It was amazing what God was doing. He made it so clear that He is the provider!”

Adelyn's Story

“God supplied $3,600. It was unbelievable.”

Justin's Story

“I would be lying if I said it was so easy and a walk in the park.”

Tyler's Story

“I felt God in that moment say: I want you here.”

Caleb's Story

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