The Best Story They've Never Heard: Yours

Adding your personal testimony makes the gospel relatable.

Rich Atkinson

In Slovenia, Christians have discovered that telling their personal stories – how God changed their lives – can disarm people otherwise closed to or threatened by religion.

Gregor Lotric lives in the city of Novo mesto. At first, he thought his story of faith was not interesting enough.

"You usually do not bump into a person who would tell his story to a total stranger," says Gregor.

However, he wants others to know about Jesus, having previously worked for Cru and now working in public relations with his church diocese.

Surprisingly, someone told Gregor that his story of becoming a Christian was not only powerful, it was strong enough to publish.

"I believe your story is the most important and effective tool you have to engage a person in a conversation about Christ," says Virgil Anderson, a staff member with Cru in Eastern Europe.

He teaches people how to write their stories and then sends it to a printer in Hungary who publishes it in front of the Four Spiritual Laws, an evangelistic booklet.

Virgil calls these personalized tracts "My Story," which include an invitation to become a Christian.

"Virgil explained that my story must not be longer than 500 words," says Gregor. "This was strange for me at the beginning, and when I started to write my story, it was hard."

He published it, however, and that Christmas, Gregor gave 200 copies of his "My Story" to people in Novo mesto.

He also used it in his home, where he and his wife host a group for young couples to talk about growing in their marriages.

"I gave my testimony to Igor, a father of 3 children. He wanted to know more and more."

Virgil adds, "A person's story is the easiest way to get into a conversation with another person about Christ. And the more vulnerable the story is, the more open the person will be to Christ."

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