Soldier Becomes a Man of Peace

Cambodian General experiences changed life.

Tez Brooks

Nou Vantha, Cambodian general in charge of the Military Medical Core, has been a Christ-follower since 2006 when he experienced the love of God through Global Aid Network (GAiN) a ministry of Cru. They provided medical treatment and shared the gospel with Nou Vantha and his men.

Nou Vantha says, “I had wealth, but no real peace. My life was miserable, confusing and frustrated. I knew there was a Creator, but didn’t know who He was or how to reach Him.

Then one day God moved my heart through the service and sacrifice of GAiN and their medical mission team. I saw the hope they brought in a practical way to my people and heard the message of Jesus. I wanted what these Christians had.” 

Nou Vantha had been finding it hard to process all the paper work needed to continue bringing these teams into the country. After he prayed to receive Christ and gave the Lord complete control of his life, the process suddenly seemed easy. All the legal steps flowed through with no opposition.

Nou Vantha found himself a strategic person in granting custom clearance for the medical supplies brought into Cambodia by GAiN teams. He is truly a peacemaker between GAiN and the government.

Jesus spoke of this kind of man in Luke 10:5-6.

He tells his disciples that if a man of peace is in the villages they visit, stay with him. Obviously the wisdom of Jesus’ advice can be seen today as Cru missionaries reap the blessing of Nou Vantha’s influence. 

“I am a different person now, and I fellowship every weekend with believers.

My life has been transformed by God. I’m no longer miserable or frustrated because I have learned to cast all my anxiety on Him because He cares for me.”

If you would like to know more about how you can reach others with the message of Jesus, go to GAiN’s website.

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