The Veterinarian’s Vision

A Nigerian is equipped for ministry.

Amber Wiley
Students with Dr. Gaga's ministry. photos courtesy Dr. Abraham Gaga

Dr. Abraham Gaga, a large animal veterinarian in Kaduna, the northwest part of Nigeria was one of the many professionals who attended Pamoja.

3 years ago, Dr. Gaga started a student ministry. “We decided that the youth were not committing themselves to the Lord,” Dr. Gaga explains. So he collaborated with local church leaders – and students involved in those churches – to begin an intentional ministry for young people at universities in the area.

At the monthly meetings, leaders raise relevant questions and deliberate about them, focusing on faith and truth. “We want to help equip youth to walk with God,” he says. Many of the students have seen the need to leave their past lives and follow God.

“Our primary focus is to see ourselves as Christians from many denominations who can influence our friends in communities,” Dr. Gaga explains. “Within the next few months we are going into discipleship so we are breaking down the larger group into smaller groups with appointed leaders for each group. They must first be trained, then they can lead.”

While at Pamoja, Dr. Gaga learned he could partner with Cru and begin using some of their discipleship and evangelism tools to introduce students to Christ.

“I want to work more with Cru this year, using the 4 Spiritual Laws,” he says. “It’s very good material that we can add to other tools already using in the ministry.”

“My passion for this year is to build more disciples. The need to reach Africa is requiring leaders who can take on responsibility and have a passion and who are committed to Christ. We are building those leaders to meet with the challenge we are facing in 2013.”

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