Close Conference

Conference Open

Milton and Cynthia Massie

Milton and Cynthia open the Close Conference, reminding us to stay on our knees and stay in the Book!

Milton Massie has been HIS follower for 39 years. All of that walk and service has been in Chicago alongside of the "Heroes of the Faith" serving the inner-city poor. 

Milton's passions are the study, integrity, and preservation of God's word; teaching and preaching all of God's word in its entirety; discipling and developing men to multiply leaders in the city; communicating according to the following approach: grace/truth/love.

Cynthia and Milton have been staff members with Cru since 1986. They have served at Cru's Agape Community Center on the south side of Chicago all of those years. Cynthia has worked in ministry to children, teens, and women. She also serves as the Development Coordinator for the Chicago team.

Cynthia is passionate about people in the city coming to know Christ and growing in their faith. As she drives the streets of the city, her heart cries out for godly men to disciple the boys and young men who are being raised in homes without a dad.

Milton and Cynthia have been married for 34 years. They have been co-laborers in God's work in the city since 1986. They have two adult children: Zach and Sarah.

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