Close Conference

Resolving Conflict

Marc Rutter

Marc Rutter, Cru U.S. Leadership LD/HR, leads an interactive session on resolving conflict on teams at the Close Conference.

Three Documents. Go here to open them. (Requires sign-in credentials.)

  • Notes to be Printed Before the Session: Conflict and Cling Workshop
  • PDF of PowerPoint: Crucial Conversation & Conflict Resolution
  • Case Studies to be Discussed

Marc Rutter has been on staff with Cru since 1978, and currently serves as the Leadership Development Director on the North American/Oceania Area Team and on the US Leadership Team, where he serves as US Director of Leadership Development and HR.

He previously served in the Campus Ministry on the National Team as the LD director for six years. Before that he was the New Staff Training and LD director for six years and prior to that served in the Mid-Atlantic Region as a local leader at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He received his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Reformed Theological Seminary.

Marc is married to Patty, and they have four children.

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