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Emotional Intelligence

Barry & Dee Dee Rush

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  • Emotional Intelligence Participant Notes (Short Sessions 1 and 3)
  • 15 Components of EQ

Barry is from Camden, SC and graduated from Clemson University. He has been on staff 47 years and served in several positions including Campus Director, Regional Director, with the National Campus Office, then with Global Leader Development.

Dee Dee grew up in Mobile, Alabama and graduated from Auburn University. She has been on staff for 44 years. She served on campus as a Team Leader and Local Mission Director. Later she served with the Global Leader Development Team assisting in the development of the Emerging Leader Development Process and coaching the LDHR Director in North Africa Middle East.

Barry and Dee Dee now split their time between the EQ Workshop Strategy ( focusing in East Asia and the US LDHR on the Senior Leadership Initiative (SLI), which is an emerging leader program.

They have three adult children and live in Orlando.

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