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Top 10 Things to Do When You Get on Campus

Alyssa Stegmaier

1. Leave Your Door Open

Leaving your door open allows other people to stop by and introduce themselves. It will help you get to know your neighbors and hall mates better and create a welcoming atmosphere.

2. Set Ground Rules for You and Your Roommate

You’re living with a new person for the next year and they may have some habits you don’t enjoy. Bing upfront and setting boundaries from the get go is very important. I know it might be hard to jump into right away, but it will definitely save you from frustration and hurt feelings in the future. Here is a basic outline of how to have that type of conversation.

3. Host a Movie Night for your Floor/Hall Mates

Invite all of your neighbors for a chill night. Start creating those memories. Movies are simple, and cheap! Plus, if you’re the type of person who can get nervous when talking to new people, you don’t need to talk while watching a movie.

4. Find a Mentor

Having a trusted, older student of faculty member can be especially helpful when making all of the new life choices you will be making in college. They can be there to help you process your new surroundings or help you with your walk with Christ. There are plenty of upperclassmen eager to share their wisdom with incoming freshman so don’t be afraid to approach one and start that mentor mentee relationship.

5. Go to Those Dorky Freshman Events

They seem pretty lame and that’s because they are. But, they are so much fun. Everyone will be there searching for new friends to make. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet your new best friend. It’s an extra bonus if there’s free food!

6. Find a Quiet Time Spot

Setting aside time to spend with God is a matter of discipline. You can help yourself by getting away from your busy college schedule. Finding a spot where you can focus on God’s presence will help you be proactive in this area of your life. This spot can be anywhere, as long as it helps you connect with God.

7. Explore Your New Home

Go explore what your new home has to offer. Where are the best coffee shops? Where are the movie theaters? Where are the cheapest places to eat out? Also, be sure to figure out where your classes are for when the semester officially starts.

8. Try Something New

Go to a meeting for a club that interests you. Better yet, go to a meeting for a club that doesn’t interest you. College is one of the best places in the world to try new things. You may discover a new passion. Additionally, don’t be afraid of feeling pressured to committing to a club right away. Upperclassman will understand that you want to see what all of the clubs have to offer. Feel free to try as many new things as you’d like.

9. Don’t Go Home Every Weekend

Sure, you are going to miss your family and  friends from back home, but don’t go home every weekend. Going home all the time will just make the home-sickness worse. Stay and make new friends that will eventually be like family to you. You’re not going to want to miss out on opportunities to hang out with your new friends.

10. Get Connected

Finally, having a Christian community to spend time with is important. If you’re looking for a group like this, you can find Cru on your campus: Or, if there isn’t a Cru on your campus, you can start one by e-mailing

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