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4 Phrases Christians Need to Stop Saying

We’ve adopted four sayings into our everyday verbiage that may offer less biblical truth than we think.

What Do I Do Next?

These reasons for involvement, given by LeaderImpact members, will help you understand how you can make a significant contribution to this movement.

Impacting Culture by Integrating Work and Faith

A volunteer in East Asia uses career expertise to join with others in mixing marketplace ministry with influencing students through a university-sponsored course.

Who Is Involved With LeaderImpact?

The LeaderImpact strategy starts with mission-focused communities.

Why LeaderImpact?

Leaders make things happen. Leaders who are fully devoted followers of Christ have a special call.

South African School Teacher Fights AIDS: "I Must Do Something."

Weary of watching her people die, a South African schoolteacher joins the fight against HIV/AIDS.

7 Essentials for the Christian Life

What is non-negotiable for your faith?

Transferable Concepts

These are the essential "How To's" which every Christian, newborn or with many years of maturity, needs to know and remember.

Redemptive Relationships

Has a friend ever influenced you in something? Especially in spiritual matters, I believe that people buy into a person before they buy into their faith.

Is Everything Relative?

Relativism is a frustrating viewpoint to deal with. This is because someone with a relativistic worldview quite often will not accept the idea of guilt and sin and, hence, will not see the need for a Savior. But relativism is wrong, and there is a good way to approach a relativistic worldview. I will attempt to refute relativism and show how the existence of morality necessarily means that God exists.

How to Stop Being a Hypocritical Christian

Discover three tips for avoiding hypocrisy and handling offense.

Day 14: God Rules

Each day of this devotional series, we will consider key moments in God’s glorious plan to redeem us. We will understand both the overarching story of God and the highlights of all He’s done for us in Christ.

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