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How to Make Sense of the Bible and Science

Do you wonder about the relationship between the Bible and science? Discover how they describe one and the same reality in different but compatible ways.

Science and Faith: Do They Conflict?

Are science and faith mutually exclusive? Must all scientists be atheists? Or can science and evidence partner with faith, belief and God?

Why Are Christians Afraid of Doubt?

Christians tend to fear doubt because they believe doubt is a road-block to deep faith. The truth is that doubt often leads to faith.

Why You're Losing the Thinking Man's Battle

The American church is sorely lacking in its ability to equip believers intellectually for the battle this world is currently waging.

Life’s Questions

Explore answers to life's biggest questions.

How to Talk With Agnostics and Atheists

How can we help agnostics know and follow Christ? Let’s look into the life of one former skeptic and the tool he developed to help us better converse spiritually with others.


Bible studies for download or reading on the web, covering a variety of topics and books of the Bible. Great for small group studies or can be enjoyed by yourself.

JESUS: Fact or Fiction? Apologetics DVD & Discussion Guide

Explore responses to 50 of the toughest questions posed by skeptics about Jesus and Christianity.

Josh McDowell Ministry

To serve others until the whole world hears that Jesus is God, the Bible is true, God is passionate about a relationship with each person and that the Christian faith is relevant, reliable and relational.

Foundations: 4-Lesson Study for New Believers

Clearly communicate basic Christian truth.

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