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JESUS: Fact or Fiction? Apologetics DVD & Discussion Guide

Explore responses to 50 of the toughest questions posed by skeptics about Jesus and Christianity.

Why You're Losing the Thinking Man's Battle

The American church is sorely lacking in its ability to equip believers intellectually for the battle this world is currently waging.

Why Are Christians Afraid of Doubt?

Christians tend to fear doubt because they believe doubt is a road-block to deep faith. The truth is that doubt often leads to faith.

Josh McDowell Ministry

To serve others until the whole world hears that Jesus is God, the Bible is true, God is passionate about a relationship with each person and that the Christian faith is relevant, reliable and relational.

Foundations: 4-Lesson Study for New Believers

Clearly communicate basic Christian truth.

Is Everything Relative?

Relativism is a frustrating viewpoint to deal with. This is because someone with a relativistic worldview quite often will not accept the idea of guilt and sin and, hence, will not see the need for a Savior. But relativism is wrong, and there is a good way to approach a relativistic worldview. I will attempt to refute relativism and show how the existence of morality necessarily means that God exists.

Talking About Hell With Someone You Care About

I can’t forget the look of anger on his face, fueled by pain. The friend he trusted had just placed him under the ultimate judgment.

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