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Why We Struggle With Living in Freedom

We have been released from slavery yet, day after day, many of us remain slaves to ourselves, not knowing how to live freely.

Immersive Experiences

Immersive experiences are the things we do to put our faith into action—spiritual disciplines, faith building events, ministry to others and much more.

Want a Mid-Career Change?

Are you considering a job change? Come work with Cru.

The 5 Things

God has plans for you… work that will make a difference for Him in this fallen world.

Life on Mission

Use this 7-day campaign of Cru’s “Life on Mission” material to share how recent graduates can use their life after college to glorify God.

Will You Say What God Wants You to Say?

Words are powerful. They seem so small, so insignificant, and yet the words people say often stick with us.

Will You Go Where God Wants?

What does it look like to GO anywhere God wants us to go? For some it means going next door to your neighbor and for others it means packing up everything and moving across the world.

My Story: Joey Payne

A missionary with Global Aid Network, Joey has seen her life transformed as she answers God's call to help others.

Being Macedonian Matters

This is Tanja's home and culture: a culture in which religion and secular traditions have been sewn together into one garment. Often, that garment isn't one Christians can wear with a clear conscience.

Does God Have A Better Retirement Plan For You?

Instead of putting their feet up, they asked, “Ok, Lord, what’s our next assignment?”

Finding a Coach

Part 5 to living missionally

What Do You Need?

Part 4 of living missionally

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