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The Leading Edge: A Biblical Framework for Evangelism Leaders

This brief yet comprehensive guide aims to sharpen those on “the leading edge” of the Great Commission: pastors, mission and ministry leaders, even small group or one-on-one leaders seeking to train and mobilize others to share their faith.

Life Concepts: Follow-Up for New Believers

Follow-Up Series for new believers including Assurance of Salvation, Forgiveness of the Believer, Filling of the Spirit, Walking in the Spirit and Spiritual Growth.

Satisfied? Booklet

Are you satisfied with your Christian life? It is a wonderful tool for helping Christians understand what it means to daily walk in the power of the Holy Spirit!

A Grander Story: An Invitation to Christian Professors

This book inspires and equips Christian faculty to think differently about their lives and work, encouraging them to help usher in the day when movements of Christ-following professors on every campus will be used by God to bless those around them and the world.


Let’s be honest – it’s no small things to surrender your life. And it feels even bigger when we take seriously the call on our whole lives – including all the days to come. We just aren’t used to giving up control of where we go, what we do, what we say and what we give away.

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