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What Is Spiritual Warfare?

The Christian faith can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. That’s because there are things that are determined to get in our way. But those things ultimately have no power. Here is an in-depth look at spiritual warfare.

Why Would a Christian Fast?

Fasting helps you to humble yourself and remember that you depend on God alone to meet all your needs. And for a time, it makes feeding your soul a higher priority than feeding your body.

How to Know and Understand the Holy Spirit

The least-understood member of the Christian Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit plays a key role in the world today.

Rise Above

Rising above circumstances with help from the Holy Spirit.

Walking in the Spirit

Whether the Spirit’s influence is a slow IV drip or a flowing river depends on our participation in the spiritual life by these six actions.

How to Experience Life Change

Use spiritual breathing to fill you with the Holy Spirit’s power.

Why You're Stuck in Your Faith Journey

If you’re not growing, it might be because you’re not helping someone else.

What to Put On and Off in the New Year

As the New Year begins, I have been thinking about how we are reminded to take off our old selves and clothe ourselves in our true identity in Christ. We are invited to put on our new identity and then to clothe ourselves with things that suit our new identity, such as compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Can Christian Growth Come From New Year’s Resolutions?

Making New Year’s resolutions won’t make us better people, but being filled with the Holy Spirit will give us life.

4 Questions for Anyone Struggling to Pray

Since prayer is our main form of communication with God, prayer itself is the relationship. Here are 4 ways we can look at our relationships with people to learn about our relationship with God.

Holy Spirit Resource Kit

Explore the truth of the Spirit-filled life with resources on how to be filled with, walk with, and experience the Holy Spirit.

Help - I Don't Know How To Pray

When your prayer life feels like a bad case of writer’s block, it might be time to explore some new ways to pray.

How to Love by Faith

God, through His Holy Spirit, enables us to love others, even those who are difficult to love.


Let’s be honest – it’s no small things to surrender your life. And it feels even bigger when we take seriously the call on our whole lives – including all the days to come. We just aren’t used to giving up control of where we go, what we do, what we say and what we give away.

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