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Seasonal Fruit

Dr. Bright shares with us how to be fruitful even in the times of greatest struggles.

What to Put On and Off in the New Year

As the New Year begins, I have been thinking about how we are reminded to take off our old selves and clothe ourselves in our true identity in Christ. We are invited to put on our new identity and then to clothe ourselves with things that suit our new identity, such as compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.

Why Do I Feel Like God Is Being Hard on Me?

"Perhaps we expect punishment from God, either because we see Him as a harsh master, or see ourselves as dead wood, deserving to be thrown away and burned."

How to Experience Life Change

Use spiritual breathing to fill you with the Holy Spirit’s power.

4 Ways to Help Stop Complaining

4 ways to help stop complaining in your life.

21 Bible Verses About Marriage

These Bible verses about marriage offer encouragement, guidance and inspiration for couples. Discover what the Bible says about marriage and how to apply it today.

How to Know and Understand the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the least-understood member of the Christian Holy Trinity. The Holy Spirit plays a key role in the world today.

Character Traits to Pray for This Year

This year, pray that God would grow your character through the following 12 traits. Pray for a different character trait each month and journal about the changes you see God developing in you throughout the year.

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