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Is Jesus God or Just a Good Man?

Did Jesus ever say He was God? And if He did, how do we know it’s true? The answers to these questions have the power to change your life.

How to Know and Understand the Holy Spirit

The least-understood member of the Christian Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit plays a key role in the world today.

Rise Above

Rising above circumstances with help from the Holy Spirit.

FAQ: What Do Christians Believe?

Get the answers to frequently asked questions on Christian beliefs and practices.

FLESH SERIES: God’s Design for Sex

Before we discuss lust, sexual immorality or pornography, we need to begin with God’s original design.

Understanding the Trinity: How Can God Be Three Persons in One?

While we cannot fully understand everything about the Trinity, it is possible to answer questions and come to a solid grasp of what it means for God to be three in one.

How Do You Explain the Holy Spirit?

This article unpacks some of Cru’s most used teachings about the third person of the trinity and the Spirit-filled life of a Christian.

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