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What Is Justification and How Does It Work?

Justification is a legal declaration from God that you are innocent of sin. This definition is the best place to start, but learning how justification takes place is where we find the greatest hope.

Discover God's Character E-Devotionals

Have you ever wondered what God is like? Your view of God and His character might be more important than you ever knew. Everything about your life is influenced by your perception of who He is.


God invites and commands His people to not only be aware of injustice, but to pursue justice. Simply put, seeking justice means to give to a person what they are due, whether punishment, protection, or care.

The World as We Know It

This is a 3-week study on the topic of God’s compassion for our broken world.

God's Passion For His Glory

Vintage Piper at TCX, the Upper Midwest Christmas Conference.

What Is God’s Grace?

Grace is the promise that you stand forgiven before God if you know Jesus. But what does it mean that God is gracious? How do we receive His grace?

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