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Collaborative Discipleship

A Resource for Disciples Making Disciples

What if discipleship was a community of believers who helped each other grow in their faith and fruitfulness? What if discipleship lessons were so transferable anyone could teach them with confidence? What if new disciples were quickly able to disciple others? A collaborative approach to discipleship can make this a reality.

When Jesus said “go make disciples of all nations,” He wasn’t speaking to individuals who would do this alone. He was speaking to a community of people who would work together and join God in helping others know Jesus, follow Him and make more disciples.

How do you use Collaborative Discipleship?

View the lesson on that topic here. Hopefully it will answer most of your questions. If you have more questions, email

What’s included in this discipleship resource?

The following elements are designed to work together to produce the greatest growth:

  • Lessons: Each lesson provides everything needed for a group discipleship time.
  • Pathways: These put lessons in the best order to meet disciples’ greatest needs.
  • Immersive Experiences: These help disciples grow and put into practice what they’ve learned.
  • In-Depth Resources: Books, articles, videos and audio recordings allow disciples to grow deeper.

What makes Collaborative Discipleship unique?

It relates to today’s students:

  • It encourages community, collaboration, caring for, and serving one another.
  • Its language is relatable to young adults and those unfamiliar with Cru.
  • Lessons are short, simple to use, and easy to read from a smartphone.
  • Topics like justice, life skills and embracing our ethnicity are added to time-tested subjects like evangelism, basic follow-up and discipleship.

It removes many barriers to spiritual multiplication:

  • The one who recruits three to five others to join a discipleship group views himself or herself as a fellow disciple needing to grow just as much as the others in the group.
  • The group works together to organize, teach, train and care for others.
  • A disciple can start a new discipleship group a few weeks or months after joining a group.

How does this seek to shape people’s lives?

Collaborative Discipleship seeks to foster a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ who:

  • Experience spiritual growth through meaningful relationships. (Build)
  • Engage in significant opportunities to help others grow in faith and fruitfulness. (Send)
  • Express the gospel resulting in changed lives and communities. (Win)

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