The Prison

A film showing about the forgiveness of Jesus sets the captives free spiritually.

Ernest Shugu Vegah with Rich Atkinson

As Ernest Shugu Vegah entered the maximum-security prison in Yaoundé, Cameroon, he followed the prison guards into a large hall where some 1,500 inmates were waiting. An evangelist and National Coordinator of the Global Church Movement in Cameroon with The JESUS Film Project®, he came with one purpose in mind – to set the prisoners free. But he didn’t come alone. His team included chaplains, pastors, Cru staff members, laymen and women.

Kondengui Central Prison has made international headlines for its overcrowded conditions, inadequate food and poor sanitation. More than 9,500 prisoners are packed into a facility built for 2,000 inmates. The team brought with them rice, Bibles and other gifts to distribute and a film to show them.

The team was ushered on the stage. It was followed by an opening prayer, praise and worship time by the inmate’s prison choir and a speech by the senior prison guard and the leaders of the prison.

Later, Ernest prepared the equipment to show them, “My Last Day,” a 9-minute anime film that tells the story of Jesus’ death on the cross. It’s based on the viewpoint of the thief on the cross who found forgiveness.

“Many of the inmates were so excited watching this film and about 600 stood up to pray after the film and accept Christ as their Lord and Savior,” he says.

One of the inmates said, “Even though I’m condemned to death in prison I have hope that through the Word of God my soul shall be saved like the thief we watched in the film and this Bible you offered me will always be there to comfort me.’’

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