Politics and Religion?

One parliament leader in Cameroon, Africa, depends on Jesus

Katie Croft

Cameroon, Africa, has a reputation as being one of the most corrupt nations on the planet according to the Honorable Mamigue Jean. Mamigue came to parliament like many other elected officials -- with the hope of spurring on positive change in the trajectory of this French- and English-speaking West African country.

When the tall, narrow framed man was first elected into parliament by his village, he had many ideas of how he would use his roles as the head of the foreign affairs commission and liaison to Denmark as stepping stones to changes in Parliament.

He hoped politics alone could change people. "I did not have the zeal to be sharing about Christ -- I had different ambitions," says Mamigue.

A Change of Heart

Those ambitions changed shortly after he met Mathias Otomou, a Cameroonian staff member with Cru who serves with Executive Ministries (EM).

Days after arriving in Yaoundé, the nation's capital, for his first parliamentary session the Honorable Mamigue and Mathias met for an EM event, which sparked a desire to pray for the elected officials of Parliament.

Mamigue soon realized real change would not come through governmental policies and laws. Real change has to come from God.

This spontaneous prayer session has now become a bi-weekly prayer meeting held in the Hotel Des Deputes whenever parliament is in session.

To cap off their commitment to God's work in and through the prayer group, Mamigue hosts an all-night prayer intercession meeting at the end of each parliamentary session.

Hope for the Future of Cameroon

Mamigue attributes his change in perspective about his parliamentary role to his involvement with EM. The cooperation between EM and eager believers is helping to transform the structural fabric of nations around the world.

Now, the Honorable Mamigue's ambition while in parliament is to use his time in ways that will allow him to tell others about Christ and help better his country.

"With faith, I believe that politics will function better," says Mamigue. "If parliament is transformed, then we will transform the nation."

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