Close Conference


Brad Harry

Our Strategic Plan has Cru Inner City increasing its staff by 90 by the end of 2023. How will we do that? Check out Brad Harry's presentation from the Close Conference.

Six Documents. Go here to open them (requires sign-in credentials).

  • CruIC Recruiting's Big Hairy Audacious Goal
  • Group Recruiting Scoreboard spreadsheets (4):
    • Chicago, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, San Antonio recruiting scoreboard
    • Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bakersfield recruiting scoreboard
    • Minneapolis, Detroit, Orlando recruiting scoreboard
    • NYC, Milwaukee, Expansion recruiting scoreboard
  • CruIC Weekly Recruiting Check-In Agenda

Brad serves as the co-director of Cru Inner City Chicago. He graduated from Indiana University in Bloomington with a degree in music.

He and his wife, Michelle, live in Roseland, in the South Side of Chicago. They have five children.

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