Close Conference

Questions & Answers

Milton Massie

Milton Massie, Dave Mikesell, and Aaron Robertson answer questions from the Close Conference.

Do you have some advice about how we can engage in the current discussion around race and justice?

  • Exercise emotional iIntelligence

  • Only engage with safe people

  • A - Awareness (History and current reality) Four documents plus one website link.. Go here to open the four documents (requires sign-in credentials).

    • Oneness and Diversity Recommended Resources


    • Resources for Fighting Anti-Blackness in Latinx Communities

    • Power Dynamics Cycle, based on the "Wolf Shall Dwell With the Lamb" by Eric Law

    • Milton and Cynthia’s Resources on Injustice

  • R - Relationships - Encourage people to engage in cross-cultural relationships.
  • C - Commitment - Choose to stay in the conversation for the long haul.

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