Stories of Journeys


"I am thankful to Cru for opening my heart to experience the truth about my identity in Christ, and for continuously walking alongside me in my journey with Him. Cru is not only a community that welcomed me with much love and compassion, but is also a life partner that guides and empowers me to fulfill the mission that God has for me."




"One of the undeniable things about Cru is that it takes the Great Commission very seriously - and this, as I have learned through my years as a student leader, should be the case for every Christian. Cru helped me realize how the Gospel is really for everyone, and that anyone can learn how to effectively share the Good News and disciple others. Now, as a medical student in a school different from where I spent my undergrad years, I am still able to live out and pass on the principles and strategies I learned from Cru. And I shall keep pressing on as a lifetime laborer for Christ, by God's amazing grace."


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