2 Essentials for Keeping Resolutions

Cru President Steve Douglass gives advice for the new year.

  • by Steve Douglass

Many of you may be considering New Year’s resolutions. What changes do you desire? How will you stick to them?

I have coached soccer for 15 years and seen hundreds of young people respond to coaching. Some went on to play soccer in college on scholarships. Others quit. What made the difference? Not as much raw talent as motivation and teachability.

Motivation – Did they want to play and improve?

Some didn’t want to play soccer. Often a mom or dad wanted them to, but they didn’t. If they are to play well and improve they must personally want that.

So it is with us. Do we actually want to improve? If we do, then we will be willing to put in the extra effort.

Teachability – Did they listen to input and “own” the improvement process?

In 2 Timothy 3:16, “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness,” there is a great outline for growth:

  1. Teaching – Showing what is right.
  2. Rebuking – Surfacing what is wrong.
  3. Correcting – Showing how to get it right.
  4. Training in Righteousness – Making it a habit.

Hundreds of times I went through this with my players:

  1. “This is what a good ‘push pass’ looks like.”
  2. “Unfortunately, this is what you are doing wrong.”
  3. “Here is how you can overcome what you are doing wrong.”
  4. “Now, I want you to pair up and practice this for 15 minutes to see if it becomes easier and more natural for you.”

The players who cooperated aggressively with the learning process got better. Others were not teachable, and didn’t improve.

We need to cooperate aggressively with the learning process. We must think through:

  1. What is really right in this case?
  2. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Specifically, how can I correct that?
  4. How can I make the new behavior a habit so I will do it routinely and naturally?

We must own the process. We need to want to see changes, be open to input, trust the Lord and work hard to make changes happen.

How about you? If you’re willing to own the change process, by God’s grace and power, you will grow and be more fruitful in serving God.

Happy New Year!