QUIZ: What Kind of Ministry Is Right for You?


Mentoring and Discipleship

You have life, faith and ministry experience to offer others. Investing in younger believers through sharing what God has done in your life could be a great fit for you.

  • Discipleship Resources: If you want to disciple someone in your local church or community, Cru’s discipleship page can connect you with the vision and biblical framework for Christian discipleship as well as an abundance of how-tos and other resources.

  • Children & Teenagers: If you have a burden to invest in children and teenagers, S.A.Y. Yes! Centers for Youth Development has after-school youth development and mentoring programs pioneered by Cru’s Inner City ministry in partnership with inner city churches across the country.

  • Virtual Mentorship: The Mentor Ministry gives you an easy, safe, and anonymous way to journey with hurting people and to share the gospel as the Holy Spirit leads. Become a virtual mentor to those in need of guidance and hope.

Wondering if another type of ministry suits you better? Check out these other ways to serve:

A Legacy of Changed Lives

See how students are making a lasting impact through summer missions with Cru.

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