QUIZ: What Kind of Ministry Is Right for You?

Broader Community

Ministry in Your Broader Community

Your heart is to influence your city or town broadly, or minister to a specific group of people within it. Perhaps you just need on-ramps to serve in these areas, or equipping in effective ministry in these environments. Here are some resources for you:

Metropolitan Areas

  • City Ministry: Cru City is a growing movement in cities nationwide that seeks to advance the mission of Jesus for the well-being of the city. Find out if Cru City is near you.

  • Inner City Ministry: If your heart is for the poor and marginalized, you can serve through Cru Inner City. To start, you can also do our Options Together™ video series to learn the biblical call to engage American poverty in the context of Christ-centered relationships.


  • Raise Funds for Clean Water: Unto is Cru’s humanitarian ministry that helps you express the kindness of Jesus by relieving suffering and revealing hope. You can help provide a water well for people lacking access to safe clean water by starting your own personalized fundraising campaign.

  • Donate to Feed Children: Help provide a meal to a hungry child or family around the world by giving 13 cents a day.

  • Children & Teenagers: If you have a burden to invest in children and teenagers, S.A.Y. Yes! Centers for Youth Development has after-school youth development and mentoring programs pioneered by Cru’s Inner City ministry in partnership with inner city churches across the country.


Reaching students has long been a central part of Cru’s mission. Ministering to people in this formative time in life can make a lifelong difference.

  • High School: You can mentor teenagers, share your faith, host events and do all of that by volunteering with Cru High School. Help launch a movement at a school near you or connect to a local team to volunteer.

  • College: Be part of what God is doing on campuses nationwide. Get help in starting a new campus movement.

  • Student Athletes: Help athletes and sport-minded individuals grow in their relationships with Jesus. Get connected to what God is doing through sports.

  • Internationals: Every year, hundreds of thousands of students come to the United States. Many are lonely and ignored. They get little immersion into American culture. If internationals are close to your heart, connect with Cru’s Bridges International ministry to help meet tangible needs while seeking to share Christ.

  • Ethnic-Focused Ministries: Cru partners with ministries focused on sharing Christ with students in culturally contextualized ways.
    • Epic Movement is a movement serving Asian American students and faculty.
    • The Impact Movement is a partner ministry serving students of African descent.
    • Destino Movement serves the Latino and Hispanic community.
    • Nations is about joining Native American students, faculty and their communities in their spiritual journey and walking in harmony with others and the Creator.
    • Design Movement is a South Asian American campus community that seeks to honor Jesus and celebrate desi culture.


Perhaps you just need resources to help in another specific ministry area. Cru has Bible study tools, resources for mentoring and discipleship as well as help on communicating your faith.

Wondering if another type of ministry suits you better? Check out these other ways to serve:

A Legacy of Changed Lives

See how students are making a lasting impact through summer missions with Cru.

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